Why Turquoise Jewelry for Women are Such a Hot Commodity

If you even remotely like jewelry, you deserve something more than a non-regretful purchase. You want to look for a design that sings to you and gets stuck in your head, something that speaks of your personality (not others’, yours!), and is so charming that you finally loosen up and give it a shot-just for the heck of it.

Every woman wants to have some bits of gold, silver, diamond and/or pearls-the classic black-and-whites of jewelry. But this year calls for a new staple-turquoise.

Women already love it! They don’t love it in a Sure-I-would-love-one-for-my-birthday kind of way. It is an out-and-out I-must-scoop-it-all-up love we are talking about. Costume jewelry with Turquoise gemstones embedded in them is all over the place. Women are smitten with this gemstone and would probably never want to give it up for any other metal. It is so intriguing and hypnotic!

What makes it so popular is that it is truly versatile. Tone it up or tone it down, you can never go wrong with turquoise. Whatever be the occasion, wear it and you will give off an exotic, mysterious, middle-eastern aura, without exactly looking like a hippie! (Or chandelier, or what have you!)

After all, you could always use some pop of color. Unlike the “Look at me, I’m laughing” pinks and yellows, Turquoise happens to be a natural color, and the most soothing one at that. The beautiful ocean-y hue simply makes for the cold splash on eyes and fixes your mood, like no other color could. Let’s just say it is as serene as blue, only much happier!

Turquoise Jewelry

Get a load of turquoise jewelry and assure yourself round-the-year glamour. You can pair it with white in summer, orange in fall, red in winter, and peach in spring. These are some of the most popular combinations. Turquoise looks great with almost every color. Even if it doesn’t go with some, at least you will wear a piece that looks elegant and stands out. Mostly these two qualities don’t exist together.

Perhaps, the best part about turquoise jewelry is that it LOOKS expensive, and makes for a classy, frugal investment. (One could always save more money, right?) These sigh-inspiring baubles give a plain, dull outfit an intensive glam-allure.

In case you are wondering whether or not it will go with your skin color, turquoise mixes with every complexion-dark, pale, bronze, and also tanned. It will simply bring out the best in your skin.

Women just pile on turquoise jewelry-bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings; you can’t have enough of it. You can go for a sleek bracelet or a full-blown turquoise statement necklaces. Turquoise can be your go-to color.

Turquoise jewelry is mostly made with silver, for the earthy, drool-worthy contrast. You can’t miss the antiquated shine which is soft on eyes, but as impactful as a rhinestone. These pieces are a popular favorite of those who want to stand out in a picture without trying too hard. If you want to take this up a notch, you can get yourself an ornately detailed piece. The art deco pattern will intensify the aesthetics of your outfit, rendering it a nightly and dreamy feel. Some women go all the way and layer a couple of chunky turquoise necklaces into a headband or belt. That seems pretty cool for a ballet dance or a middle-eastern night, or for whatever makes them happy.

Just as FRIENDS is pegged as a “happy” TV show (It was originally named “Shiny, Happy People”) Turquoise is a happy jewelry! When “it hasn’t been your day”- you wake up to a hung-over-face, missed alarm, bad hair-simply throw on a devil-may-care outfit, and a little something turquoise. A bracelet might pull you through that report.

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