Make a Unique Style Statement with Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces deserve to be shown off loud and proud. At least they need to be prominent enough to catch the attention. Even when some necklaces of this sort would not be too conspicuous, in close countenance they at least should make a distinct look, feel and appeal. Obviously, as their name suggests they must make a style statement. Statement necklaces can just give a unique fashionable look if you know how to wear them effectively in combination with the dress. From giving yourself a trendy look to making the ethnic diva out of your personality, statement necklaces can add different spice and flavor to your look. From just a single strand of baubles to an illustrious necklace with numerous colored stones or metal pieces, there is no limit to your style statement options with them. Finding the perfect combination of dress and necklace is central to boast of a unique and vibrant style.

Bauble necklaces these days took the fashion jewelry trend by storm and embraced by stylish women across the cities. Now bold look is getting more popular, particularly those with ethnic and tribal twists. For making a style statement with statement necklaces it is important to show off the necklace and pendant piece without concealing them under the vest, jacket, blazers, scarves or hat. Actually simple and elegant outfit suits more with a statement necklace offering more prominently and distinct look.

Make a Unique Style Statement with Statement Necklaces

Simple outfit, particularly black dress goes well with some of the best statement necklaces. Secondly, it is important to maintain simplicity in the rest of your jewelry, particularly earrings. Overindulgence in jewelry can actually ruin the statement you want to make with the necklace. For women with larger bust it is recommended to choose shorter necklaces because they will not hang low and spoil the look. Moreover, when shopping a necklace always consider your existing wardrobe of dresses. Choosing the right color of necklaces to compliment your dress collection would give you more options for making a befitting match in different occasions and circumstances.

When you are wearing solid color dress always choose your color beads or baubles carefully to make a perfect match. For instance, on a solid pearl blue colored dress brown necklace beads would hardly make a noticeable impact. Multi colored beaded necklaces are well as long as it just compliments the dress color and overall look. The point is your choice of dress color and necklace color should complement each other by prominently making a distinct statement and as long as it does well you have a befitting match.

Another important thing is to avoid wearing a dress with chaotic prints that shows overlapping colors, making every other ornament lost by its dazzling look. Your statement necklace should be the center of your stylish appearance and you can only make it happen when you let it dominate other elements like dress, accessories and other jewelries like ear-rings. It obviously does not mean you need to wear a stunning necklace over a seemingly cheap looking outfit. Your dress should only help the necklace to be more prominent than anything else.

Metallic beads are a hot choice in statement necklaces now. Particularly, when someone feels a little nervous about dazzling colors a gorgeous Christian necklace with metallic beads can actually offer a better option. You may have a soft corner for gold or silver toning in necklaces but options in metallic necklaces exceeds far beyond than this. There are vintage bronze designs to exquisite copper finish for an array of metallic toning options for your statement necklaces.

Lastly, let us provide some helpful and innovative ideas how to make a perfect match of the statement necklace with your regular or fashion wear. The options are literally huge with too many great combinations to hit upon. We have come across a few and sharing them here below.

Even wearing a simple tee with a dazzling necklace can make a perfect match, but in that case, obviously, look for the befitting colors. For tops with V shaped necks tiered necklaces that take the hollow area round your neck can be good. Even you can wear a statement necklace with a professional outfit comprising buttoned up blouse and blazer. In that case make sure that the necklace has a somber look rather than offering too many colors. Popped-of single color beads can be a better fit for professional outfit. Finally, you can also experiment with more than one necklace wearing together. Obviously, befitting contrast and beads of two necklaces and perfect outfit should cumulatively make what is most sought after – style statement.

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