Travel Jewelry Cases for Salesmen and Boutique Owners

In the jewelry business, the right storage case is as important as the display case. For jewelry salesmen, using the right case for storing and transporting the precious items is paramount. Your travel jewelry case must be sturdy and have enough compartments to hold separate pieces safely.

Jewelry salesmen and boutique owners often travel to industry exhibitions and fairs. They may require different types of travel jewelry cases for these trips.

Different Types of Travel Jewelry Cases

Travel cases for jewelry are available in different sizes and varieties. Here are some types of cases that can be helpful for jewelry salesmen and store owners.

• Attaché case – Metal attaché cases are perfect for commercial tours when you need to carry large amounts of jewelry to outstation locations. Available in both big and small sizes, attaché cases have hooks and storage cases for all types of jewelry items.

• Carrying case – You can buy carrying cases made of solid metal or soft materials. These cases come equipped with features like wheels and handles for ease of use. You can also buy collapsible models.

• Presentation folder – You can buy presentation folders for specific items such as for chains, bracelets, rings, or earrings separately. You can also buy a combination folder. These are ideal for carrying small precious and semiprecious jewelry. You can fit several such folders inside a big attaché case or carrying case.

• Folding box – These are compact travel jewelry cases very convenient for carrying precious or delicate jewelry. You can buy boxes to fit your requirement in terms of size and items to carry – from 20-clip ring, pendant, and earring boxes to 52-clip boxes. These are also perfect for stone jewelry especially rings and earrings.

• Travel showcase – During your work trips, you also require cases to present your jewelry to your clients or exhibition visitors. Single-sided travel cases with transparent covers can be used to store and display jewelry. You can also use several display pads with hooks or snaps. These can be stored in a carrying case during travels and for presenting the jewelry in a nice way. When you use travel showcases, you don’t need to carry extra jewelry trays for displaying your ware.

Investing in Travel Jewelry Cases

For store owners, buying travel jewelry cases is a necessary investment. Without proper way to store and transport jewelry, it can be difficult for salesmen and boutique owners to attend industry events.

Jewelry boutique owners also present their collections in various city events throughout the year. They may also hold their own shows to present their exclusive collections to their clients and visitors. So, investing in different types and sizes of travel cases can make participating and showcasing in industry events and exhibitions easier.

• It is ideal if you buy one or two big cases that you can use to transport all small folders and boxes. Depending on the size of your business, you can by as many as you want. For boutique owners, a few cases in different sizes may be enough during the early years of the business. As your business expands, you might need to invest in more attaché and carrying cases.

• It is best to buy several small travel jewelry cases such as pouches, folding boxes, folders, and organizers. Depending on your business requirement, you can buy small or large capacity pieces. If you deal in gemstones, investing in small boxes for display can be a boon. You can easily carry several in a big case and display the items in those boxes itself. You won’t need to carry additional trays to showcase your gemstone collection.

• Another advantage of investing in several small travel jewelry cases is that it allows you to quickly keep one in your bag or briefcase and present it to a potential client or an associate on their business premises. Small boxes are also ideal for meetings with business associates or regular clients.

• Jewelry storage organizers are perfect for carrying lots of pieces to showcase at events. You can stack pads or jewelry trays inside the organizer for displaying and transporting your collection in one neat case. These are also ideal for exhibitions in the same location as your business establishment. You can load one or more organizers in the car and at the exhibition counter, simply remove the inserts to display your wear quickly.

The right travel jewelry case investment can make a lot of difference to your bottom line.

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