Religious Jewelry – Why It’s So Popular

Jewelry is a great way to express one’s style and personality. With all of the different styles, colours and designs, there is something for everyone. Jewelry comes in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other various types (nose rings, lip rings, etc.). While it’s common to see big, colourful necklaces and faux-stone rings, another popular style of jewelry is religious-themed.

You can see many people bearing a cross around their neck, or wearing some sort of other jewelry that pays tribute to their culture and beliefs. Perhaps it’s a rosary being worn around someone’s neck, or a bracelet with a religious inscription. The possibilities for religious jewelry are unlimited, and wearing the pieces is just as popular as they’ve ever been. So popular, in fact, that you can purchase religious jewelry just about anywhere—clothing stores, jewelry liquidation stores, and more. Many pieces of jewelry that are worn by religious people were also passed down from generations of believers, such as grandmothers, great grandmothers, and so on. So while the jewelry holds a religious value, it may also hold value on a much deeper level, since it is from a loved one.

Religious Jewelry - Why It’s So PopularSo why is wearing religious jewelry so popular? Jewelry has always been an important way for cultural individuals to express themselves. While the market for jewelry now is large and is worn for many different reasons other than culture, there were many cultures in the past (the deep past, approximately thousands of years ago) that wore jewelry strictly for religious reasons. They felt as though jewelry had symbolic purposes, and was almost spiritual in nature. While jewelry has taken a more modern turn in today’s society, mostly being worn for aesthetic purposes, there are many people who still believe that jewelry holds a religious purpose. However, nowadays, people will wear jewelry that is more noticeably religious-based, such as cross necklaces, rings with inscriptions, or other pieces of jewelry ( with religious symbols on them.

Probably one of the most popular religious symbols worn is the cross. This is mostly worn in the form of a necklace, and is quite popular among the Christian faith. A popular belief is that when Christians look at their cross, they are always reminded of God’s love and spirit, and take comfort in knowing that he is always there with them. Some believe that the cross does not only represent God himself, but also the salvation of the world when he died and was resurrected, ultimately conquering death itself. Another Christian belief is that the cross is also a symbol that wards off evil demons and spirits, and so it is a means of protecting oneself. The crucifix, which is similar to a cross, is worn by those of the Catholic religion. It is used for mostly the same purposes, only it can most commonly be found attached to rosary beads which are used for praying.

There are also some people who wear religious jewelry simple for fashion reasons. They believe that the cross is a great fashion piece, and with all of the stores that are now creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other pieces with the cross embellished on them, it’s becoming more and more popular. There are even many clothing items that now brandish the cross. It can be a bit worrisome for those who actually wear the cross for religious reasons, as the trend is taking away some of that meaning.

Today, not only is the cross a symbol of religion, but also many precious metals and gemstones are now worn to showcase faith. Any piece of jewelry you see someone wearing could have a religious meaning, whether it is apparent or not. The main purpose of these pieces is to unite individuals in their religion while still keeping the piece very personal to each person. Religious jewelry offers individuals an opportunity to share their culture with the world while still being able to flaunt their own sense of unique style and preferences. This is important as we raise youth and teenagers to respect their faith by wearing religious jewelry. It is now easier for them to be able to showcase their culture while still keeping up with the fashion trends.

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