Religious Jewelry Makes a Wonderful Gift

There is a good reason why people adorn themselves with symbols of things they passionately believe in. A ring or pendant containing some of the ashes of a deceased spouse makes the widow feel close to their former partner. A tattoo of a calming saying may soothe the anxiety of someone prone to worrying.

While many may not want to go the extreme route of body modification or wearing the ashes of loved ones, they still crave a tangible symbol that can bring them comfort, joy or remind them of a higher purpose. This is why religious jewelry makes such a wonderful gift.

Religious Jewelry Makes a Wonderful GiftIn a Psychology Today article, author Clay Routledge, Ph.D. pointed out the many benefits of religion in an increasingly unstable world. He cites health benefits such as hope and optimism, having a feeling of belonging (religious communities often socialize together, which can also be a great relief from loneliness) and a booster of self-esteem because you are more likely to believe in your self-worth and value.

Those that are serious about their faith want to celebrate it, share it, and help others discover it. When you give the gift of religious jewelry, you are:

Affirming your acceptance of the recipient’s beliefs:

Being a Christian, a Muslim or practicing the Jewish faith can be daunting in a world where religious people are often looked upon as extremists. While there are too many sad examples of honor killings, parents refusing conventional medicine for their children, or terrorist attacks, these incidents do not align with the beliefs of the greater religious community. When you gift religious jewelry, you are saying that you accept your friend or family member’s belief system (even if it differs from your own), and you are, therefore, helping them to stay strong and feel accepted if and when their religious group is marginalized.

Giving a gift of hope:

It doesn’t matter if you casually attend church or if you are the pastor of a large denomination – everyone has a crisis of faith at some point. We are all tested in this life. You may lose your child or struggle financially. Your spouse may leave or your home may burn down. Religious or not, the question of “Why me?” is quickly followed by, “But I have been a faithful steward/good person/paid my tithes/helped the poor. Why am I being tested?” Trials and tribulations are a part of life, and even in our darkest moments, we understand that. When the big tests and disappointments come, having a tangible symbol quickly reminds us that others have suffered before us, and will after us. Glancing at the figure of a cross, Lady Guadalupe, the face of Jesus, or the Star of David provides an “anchor” for us to remain strong and face the storm we find ourselves in.

Helping to spread the faith:

Your friend or family member wants to share the joy they find in their religion, but how do you do that short of standing on a soapbox on a street corner shouting your good news? That is certainly not recommended for safety reasons – and for the fact that you will put off the very people you hope to speak to! When you gift religious jewelry and that person wears it, others that want to know more about that religion will know they can speak with that person. It’s a “flag” of sorts that says, “I belong to this group and I’m comfortable enough to display it. Ask me anything!”

Upping their style game – with respect:

Let’s face it. Not all of us are stylists, and even the most intensive Pinterest fashion board can be of little use if you don’t know how to accessorize. If your friend or family member is hopeless in the fashion department but knows a well-groomed, put-together appearance that celebrates who they are inside while being appropriate for the workplace is vital, gift them simple religious or masonic ring, pendant that can go with anything. A white cotton blouse is transformed with a gold cross necklace, just as a man’s slacks and button down shirt get kicked up a notch with a stunning two-tone ring with gemstone insert. You’ll help the friend or family member be stylish while remaining true to themselves.

Religious jewelry has a deep, personal impact. When you gift it as a gift, you making a lasting impact based on something the recipient passionately believes in.

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