Picking Out the Right Christian Jewelry

From past many centuries, both men and women have adorned jewelry to indicate class, convey their marital status, ward off evil eye and represent spiritual beliefs. Though, the basic purpose of wearing jewelry could be different for different people, but one thing that remains common is that your jewelry should look good and trendy. With ancient symbols of faith becoming the hot new style in accessories, Christian jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, wearing beautiful cross rings, cross hoop earrings, rosaries, Christian necklaces, and Christian bracelets is considered very cool.

Not only Christian jewelry for women is very trendy, but it is also considered a great gift. Religious jewelry conveys your well wishes in the greatest possible way. In some cultures, it is a tradition for relatives and friends to gift religious trinkets to newborns and invoke god’s blessings. Religious ornaments are also an excellent gift for baptisms, first communions, weddings and house warming.

Not just Christians, but people from all around the world wear their religion’s sacred symbols and icons as a mark of respect for their religion. While Muslims use prayer verses, Jews sport figures from Kabbalah and Qumran, Hindus and Buddhists adorn tiny idols of their religious deity and Egyptians believe Eye of Horus to be their lucky charm and use them in their religious trinkets. However, there has always been a question on wearing Christian jewelry. The thing is that majority of Christian jewelry pieces are decorated with crosses, and in the past times crucifix was used as an instrument of death to prosecute criminals who were given the death penalty. Therefore wearing a cross necklace is considered similar to hanging a guillotine across your neck!  But the ones, who do believe, still wear it as a mark of respect to Christ’s sacrifice and as a symbol of their love and faith.

If you wish to wear Christian jewelry, it is essential that you pick the right kind of pieces that suit you and your body type and do not look weirdly out of place. A proper knowledge of the most common types of Christian jewelry pieces will help you make the right decision:

•  Cross Rings – The latest fashion trend in religious jewelry these days is a double finger ring. It is worn on two fingers together and has a cross pattern carved on it, which covers both the fingers and offers a fascinating look. Cross rings are a great way to keep the Lord’s blessings close at hand.

Cross Rings

•  Christian Necklaces – Rosaries, prayer beads or any other necklace bearing the symbol of a cross and demonstrate the wearer’s religious beliefs.

Christian Necklace

•  Cross Hoop Earrings – Round earrings that circle from front to the backside of the earlobe are called hoop earrings (fashion.about.com/library/weekly/aa102100a.htm) and if they are made in a shape of religious cross or have stones studded to make a cross pattern, they are called cross hoop earrings. Avoid wearing these earrings if you have a circular face as they look best on people with slim, long faces and square jaws.

Cross Hoop Earrings

•  Lapel Pins – You can also choose to wear a gold plated lapel pin with a carved cross to fashionably show your support and love for your religion.

•  Christian Bracelets – Christian bracelets have a cross pattern or a bible verse inscribed around them and are available in various materials and designs. You can as easily find a cheap silicone bracelet as you can an expensive gold or diamond one.

Christian Bracelets

You can choose to wear a cross, figurine of your deity, or carving of a religious verse, but you should do it only if you believe in what the jewelry piece represents. Your accessories are a part of who you are and say a lot about the kind of personality you have, therefore carefully choose your religious jewelry and proudly wear your faith on your sleeve!

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