Necklace Display Ideas for Your Jewelry Shop

The way you display jewelry in your shop can have a lot of impact on your sales. Jewelry display can take many forms. The important thing is that it must showcase your jewels in the best way possible.

If you deal in necklaces, you might need a lot of space to display them. When different types of jewelry items are showcased very close to each other, it can be difficult to make special collections stand out. It is, therefore, essential to give careful thought to each aspect of jewelry display in your store.

Consider the below-mentioned necklace display ideas for your jewelry shop.

Keep your Target Audience in Mind

To attract the right customers, your jewelry displays must be relatable to your core customer base. For precious jewelry collection aimed for an older customer base, a formal setting may be best. If you sell silver and crystal necklaces with other semiprecious stone items, you can play a little with space.

  • Use neckform stands of different shapes on the counter or behind a glass cabinet for expensive items. If your necklaces have matching earrings, you can have two nice display options. You can use earring and necklace combination stands or showcase the pieces side by side separately. For gold and platinum chains, you can use multiple hook easel stands. For an urban clientele, a jewelry boutique selling modern elegant pieces can have the perfect display using white tables and pastel walls. You can use pendant lights over each table to brighten up your store.
  • Necklace display for a younger customer base needs to be less formal. Use metal stands with multiple hooks for beads, chunky chains, and pendant sets. Use multiple level T-bars to display necklaces and bangle combinations. It can be useful from a business standpoint to show your customers separate piece that they can buy to use as standalone accessories or matching ones.

Pay Attention to Placement

For commercial necklace display, placement is a crucial factor. The placement of different types of necklace stands must provide easy access to customers to evaluate an item properly.

  • You can use wooden tiered platforms to place your necklace stands. Use filler spaces with earring, bangle, and ring displays. Lay-down busts in different sizes are perfect for behind-the-cabinet displays or to form layers with easel stands that you can display on shelves.
  • For less expensive necklaces, you can use wooden or granite islands placed alongside a wall. You can also use this type of placement to showcase necklaces with other complimenting items. Use T-bars and metal stands for necklace display. Place small earring stands or puffs next to necklaces. You can also use metal earring stands alongside necklace display in the same collection. For instance, your new line of gold chains in metal stands can be alongside your new or old collection of gold and colored-stone earrings. These items might not be essentially a matched set. But your customers can pick separate pieces to go with each other. You can use such displays to help your customers make better purchasing decisions.

Use Simple Background

To highlight your jewelry, it is important to keep the display background simple. Too many elements can remove focus from your jewelry.

  • The cloth under the display platforms must enhance your jewelry and not take focus away from them. You can place velvet or silk cloths in dark hues to display your diamond necklace stands. Also, with high-end jewelry placement backgrounds, less is more. Display diamond and precious gemstone necklaces on black stands and keep the space free of any other background accessory. Expensive pendant necklaces in open racks need only the right light for perfect display.
  • Pendant display stands or other standard necklace stands placed in an open rack or inside cabinets do not require any background. For silver and white jewelry, pastel blue background can work wonders. If you have placed necklace stands on wooden counters or islands, you can ditch the background cloths altogether.

Creative display with the right amount and type of lighting can help your jewelry store stand out. Refrain from crowding a display platform but be open to creative bursts of ideas to make your necklace stand out even more. How about your new platinum necklace collection placed on a glass and marble platform under a canopy of fuchsia silk?

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