What to Look For When Buying Masonic Rings

Masonic rings and other jewelry depicting signs of the order are very popular, even amongst those who aren’t actually masons. There is a lot of cheap, and affordable costume jewelry out there that you could buy to represent your interests, but if you really are into the Masons and all their lore, you should consider buying an authentic, quality piece of jewelry, like a ring.

Like shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important that you choose a good quality jeweler with a good reputation to buy from. Here are some points to consider if you decide to buy a masonic ring:

What to Look For When Buying Masonic RingsQuality

Although, as with any purchase, you want a great price, when it comes to jewelry, craftsmanship is key. Because there are so many jewelry retailers to choose from, you can often find a great price on whatever it is you are looking for without too much extra effort – but you always have to be wary of quality. Sometimes things are too good to be true, and so it’s in your best interest to do some research. Whether you decide to read customer reviews, reviews of a particular item or product, or check out the credentials of the company itself, don’t hand your money over without doing some due diligence.

When buying something like a masonic ring, you want to look for well defined symbols made of high quality materials. You don’t have to be buying gold or diamonds either. Many masonic rings come without any gemstones in them at all, or are even made out of silver. Whatever product you go after, however, you should make sure it reflects quality work.


The first indicator of substandard work would be an inaccurate depiction of masonic symbols. Be sure that you are familiar with the symbols yourself, so that you can have an easier time identifying poor work, and avoid purchasing it. The square and compass are the trademark symbol of the Masons, often with the letter “G” appearing within them, but there are some other, less well-known, Masonic symbols out there and its up to you to brush up on the masons to ensure a knowledgeable purchase.


The Masons have a very rich history, and although it’s important that you, the buyer, know what you are looking for and talking about when searching for masonic rings, its equally as important that the jeweler you choose is too – unless you are making a custom order. If you are purchasing from available stock, it would be wise to inquire if the gold smith that created the pieces is on site. Since many retail chains mass produce their jewelry, your best chance of finding an in-house goldsmith will be with a smaller operation. An in-house goldsmith that carries and produces masonic jewelry is sure to know their stuff when it comes to the masons, and will produce a top quality item. At mass retailers, you may be able to purchase a masonic piece but the chances of any of the sales staff knowing much about the masons is slim, which means they wouldn’t be able to recognize a flaw, even if you pointed it out to them.


You can find masonic rings made in anything from silver to platinum, and although silver is a much more affordable option, it certainly isn’t the only one, and what you choose will greatly depend on your style, the message you are sending, and your wearing habits. Gold and platinum is flashier and much more noticeable than silver. If you want a piece that stands out, a precious metal may be your best bet. In addition to using a high quality metal, lots of masonic rings are inlaid with semi-precious gemstones too. You can always splurge on diamonds, but there are lots of great options out there for stones.

Shopping for masonic jewelry can be tough. Despite the size of the organization, not many mainstream jewelry retailers carry these types of pieces, and if they do the selection is limited. Your best bet will be to seek out small, independent jewelers who craft jewelry on site. If they don’t have anything in stock, you know they will be able to do a custom order without the long wait of a retail chain.

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