Get a Makeover with Stylish and Inexpensive Fashion Jewelry

Let’s not break the bank just to spend a night on the town. Inexpensive fashion jewelry is far better than gold and jewels any day – why? Variety and budget of course!

We’ve all seen pictures of the crown jewels, the hope diamond, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, and the crazy bling that makes an appearance on the red carpet – but let’s face it, in real life that stuff is crazy! Not only is inexpensive jewelry like looks anything like that more expensive than your house, it’s simply not safe to where it…or even keep it in your house! With inexpensive fashion jewelry you can rock all the latest styles and trends without the price tag or the responsibility of the crown jewels.


Trends are tough. They change seasonally, and I don’t know any lay person that can afford to update their real religious jewelry collection that often – if at all! Diamonds, gold and even semi-precious stones are expensive. The only way to stay on point with trends is to use inexpensive fashion jewelry. You can find a huge selection of great designs, made from sturdy materials that are affordable, pretty, and don’t require an insurance policy.


Most fashion jewelry is made of silver, stainless steel, copper, nickel, etc. In lieu of real gemstones you will get highly polished glass, cubic zirconia, crystal or plastic. While all of these things may seem lack lustre, when done right they amount to some pretty stunning works of art. You can get your hands on some brilliantly crafted inexpensive fashion jewelry like earrings, statement necklaces, bracelets and rings – all for an affordable price. It’s a great alternative.

Mix up your wardrobe and your accessories

No matter how often you are shopping to ensure you remain in-style, you can easily update your accessory wardrobe too, without breaking the bank. For some people, being fashionable is their life. Perhaps you run a fashion blog, or you are a model, or a photographer, or just a regular person who loves modern fashion, regardless, everyone can benefit from inexpensive fashion jewelry.

Get a Makeover with Stylish and Inexpensive Fashion Jewelry

You might be surprised to learn that inexpensive fashion jewelry finds its way into every walk of life and business. All those magazine adds that you see models sporting cool duds in, they too are where inexpensive fashion jewelry. You have to remember, the jewelers to the stars don’t roll the red carpet out for just anyone. Real diamonds and gold aren’t being lent out to every company shooting a beauty campaign. In order to stay on budget, they shop for trendy, inexpensive items to feature on their models – just like the rest of us!

What’s trending now?

There are a lot of delicate things trending right now for inexpensive fashion jewelry. Things like mid-finger rings, fine stackable rings in braided or twisted designs, and arrow or feather designs for necklaces and earrings still remain popular. Bold and chunky statement pieces are also making a comeback in 2016, from large pendant necklaces to brightly colored, flamboyant earrings. The 2016 spring runways saw a flurry of accessories that ran the gambit from dark neutrals, to metallic and even bright color blocks, however, they all had an organic feeling that tied them together.

If you want to be on point this spring with your wardrobe, steer yourself toward floral jewelry trends or anything that has an organic feel, like leaf shapes and branch work. Interestingly, the fly by night feature in these shows were pearls. Pearls are the peak of organic, but they are also classic. Well priced, you can probably get yourself some real pearl pieces for your wardrobe and still stay on budget. Pearls are truly classic and never go out of style so as far as inexpensive fashion jewelry goes, they are a good investment.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all wear inexpensive fashion jewelry. It’s silly not to. The rich and famous wear it too, so it’s not as if it could possibly be beneath us. Fashion jewelry is fun and it makes accessorizing your wardrobe a realistic pursuit that offers many options at a host of retailers. Of course, in this day and age, if you are going to shop for a bargain, you might as well do it online!

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