Chunky Turquoise Necklaces for Stylish Women

Turquoise or the spiritual ‘fallen sky stone’ holds a special place and a lot of significance in many cultures. It is a stunning and versatile stone that is found in various shades of blues and is used in innumerable jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. The soothing bluish green hue of turquoise looks good on almost every skin tone, but somehow it has always been associated with the hippie trend!

Remember Jimmy Hendrix who almost always had a piece of turquoise bling on him whenever he stepped out of the house? Turquoise jewelry reminds us of that bygone era when celebs like Cher and Hendrix sported such pieces and made it a huge fashion trend. However, you cannot just pick and put any chunky piece of ornament and hope to get that retro look. A wrong pair-up might make it look as if you just stepped out of a time machine! Here are some ways on how you can wear your turquoise jewelry and look stunning:

Chunky Turquoise Necklaces for Stylish Women•  Wear with Contrasting Colors

Wear a turquoise neckpiece with rich, bright colors like maroons and oxblood. This will cause the turquoise color of the accessories to generate a popping contrast against the richer tones and hues of the clothes.

•  Wear with Neutral Colors

Try wearing a chunky and abstract design in turquoise to compliment a plain black dress or a white peasant shirt. Statement necklaces can highlight your simple outfit and draw attention to your chic fashion sense.

•  Go for a Casual Look

Try pairing your turquoise jewelry with jeans to create a chic casual look without making it look very dressy. Wearing it with earthy pants, relaxed top and a pair of casual boots could be perfect for a shopping day out with friends.

•  Make it Look Elegant

Turquoise jewelry doesn’t always have to look chunky and hippie style. You can buy pieces that are nicely polished and offer delicate look for a more sophisticated style.

Once you have decided the kind of look you are opting for, you need to know how to wear your chunky turquoise jewelry properly. Here are some steps that will help you achieve the right kind of look desire:

1.  Choose your color: Since turquoise jewelry comes in a variety of shades, deciding on the right shade is essential. While the jewelry in hues of blue is usually the most expensive and is mainly set into gold and platinum, green turquoise ( looks stunning in sterling silver setting or on a leather string.

2.  Decide on a single statement piece: Wear one daring, dramatic and bold piece of turquoise jewelry to make a strong style statement. You can opt for a large turquoise pendant, danglers or a chunky ring to wear with your jeans or a nice casual dress.

3.  Keep it simple: Instead of making a strong statement, you can also opt for a subtle look. A delicate sterling silver ring with a small turquoise stone can work well for everyday look.

4.  Care well for your turquoise jewelry: Turquoise is a fairly soft gemstone and it absorbs oils from skin very easily, which can result in discoloration over time. You should keep wearing your turquoise jewelry regularly otherwise it may dry out if kept stored for a long time. Clean it well with a damp cloth and never use harsh chemicals for cleaning to improve its longevity.

So, go ahead and pick up a turquoise neckpiece or a bracelet and match it to your dress keeping the above tips in mind. However, do remember that even a stunning jewelry piece can ruin the entire look of your ensemble if it does not complement your face. Therefore try on various pieces before choosing the perfect chunky turquoise necklace for yourself!

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