Proudly Proclaiming Beliefs with Religious Jewelry

When most people think or talk about jewelry, they tend to see it and refer to it as more of a decorative thing. And of course, these fine accessories are often worn for decorative and fashionable purposes. However, jewelry has a long history of symbolism. From engagement rings and wedding bands to professional rings signifying that one is an engineer or championship athlete, many pieces of jewelry are used to communicate something more meaningful than just adornment. Even a medical alert bracelet falls into this category—a piece of jewelry that communicates something important about its wearer.

Communicating Your Faith

So what does your jewelry communicate about you? Maybe it tells people that you are engaged or married. Perhaps it lets people know where you went to school, or that you’re a mother or grandmother. For many people, their jewelry communicates something very important to them: their faith.

Religion is a very important part of life for many people, and jewelry is a great way to share your faith with others. For Christians, wearing a cross pendant is a great way to remind themselves daily of their faith in Jesus Christ, and the redemption they are offered through His death on the cross. Catholics also wear crosses like other Christians, but might also wear medallions of various saints, reminding them of the protection they are granted.

Many people who practice the Jewish faith wear jewelry featuring the six pointed Star of David. This symbol is a great way to show pride in the Jewish faith and community. For some Jewish people, this symbol is especially poignant because their ancestors were forced to wear it during World War II to identify them as Jews. The Star of David has become a sobering reminder of the difficult past and incredible resiliency of the Jewish people.

Another common religious symbol seen on jewelry is the crescent and star representing the Islam faith. This symbol has also come to represent the strength of a group of people who, in recent years, have found themselves and their faith misunderstood. Proudly wearing the crescent and star is a way for Muslim people to display their strength and dedication to their faith.

Though these are just a few examples, there are many people of many faiths proudly proclaiming their beliefs, culture, and history through jewelry.


Religious Jewelry Aesthetic

Though religious jewelry might be worn primarily for the deep meaning it holds, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an expression of personal style as well—especially if it’s something you wear every day. A person might be part of a broader religion, but their individual beliefs and experiences within that religion can be deeply personal, so it only makes sense for religious jewelry, an outward expression of a person’s faith, to be as personal and unique as that person’s faith.

There are always many traditional options available for religious jewelry. Many religions or denominations have a specific aesthetic based on the historic art, architecture, and cultural customs of that religion. For example, medallions and pendants featuring Catholic saints are often created in the same style as historic paintings of the saints. These traditional styles are special as they not only reflect religious beliefs, but give a nod to history and culture as well.

Many jewelers also provide more contemporary or unique styles of religious jewelry as well. These styles might be a better fit with the wearer’s personal style, and are also special as they communicate the timelessness of faith. Though time moves forward and styles change, faith is enduring and will hold up in an era. Adopting a more contemporary style for religious jewelry shows that the wearer incorporates their faith into every aspect of modern life.

Something to Pass Down

One special aspect of religious jewelry is that it provides you with the opportunity to share a token of your faith with your family. Faith is often something that is observed by the whole family, and in many cases it can bring a sense of connection to a family. Passing down religious jewelry as an heirloom is a great way to share your family’s faith, history, and traditions with younger generations.  A piece of religious jewelry is a token of your family’s values, that family’s values, and will serve as an enduring reminder of the steadfastness of faith.

How to Look Absolutely Stunning with Cheap Fashion Jewelry

Looking good no longer has to be at the expense of your wallet. With the many affordable options available in fashion jewelry, you can still make a statement with the jewelry you wear, without breaking your budget. Whether you are getting ready for a night on the town or would just like a statement piece to dress up a casual outfit, you can look absolutely stunning with cheap fashion jewelry!


Dare to Be On Trend

When you spend less by buying cheap jewelry online, you can stay on top of the latest fashion trends without needlessly spending money on jewelry you won’t wear forever. Chances are that beautiful (albeit a bit eccentric) necklace that you just saw on the fashion runway will be a coveted item for the next few months, but there’s no need to pay for such a high-fashion item at full price. There are many manufacturers who will create similar designs for a fraction of the cost. As fads will come and go faster than you’d imagine, there is no need to spend a fortune on a piece that you likely won’t wear for longer than a year or two at most. When that necklace eventually becomes dated and replaced by the newest fad in jewelry design, you don’t have to feel bad when deciding to donate or give it away because it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Inexpensive fashion jewelry allows you to stay on trend while staying on a budget.

Go Big and Bold

When you are purchasing fashion jewelry rather than fine jewelry, you can go big without the cost-related repercussions. A bold statement necklace, a religious charms bracelet, or a pair of chandelier earrings are all that is needed to spruce up a tired outfit. Even a very simple outfit – like a basic white t-shirt and a pair of blue skinny jeans – is dramatically transformed with the right piece of jewelry. Choosing a bold piece with a pop of color is the perfect choice to add some flair and personality to an otherwise casual outfit. Adding a bold, hot pink statement necklace and a black blazer to your white tee and skinny jeans will take your outfit to a whole new level. Fashion jewelry lets you dress for success, without breaking the bank. Just by looking well put-together, you will give off a successful vibe, thus increasing your confidence in yourself.

Instant Confidence Boost

The best thing that you can do to give yourself a confidence boost is to purchase a new piece of jewelry that you can proudly flaunt. When you are dressed for success, you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, other people can clearly see it in how you present yourself to the world. However, the way that you dress yourself is only one piece of the equation. Many outfits don’t seem finished until jewelry is added to the mix. Never underestimate the power of a little sparkle! Just by wearing a pair of glittering stud earrings with your little black dress, you’ll feel like all eyes are on you. The right jewelry choices can make you look and feel like you will turn heads, no matter the destination!

Inexpensive and Broad Selection

There are so many options when it comes to fashion jewelry. You’re guaranteed to find something that is perfect for you and exemplifies your personal style beautifully. Best of all, if you are unsure of exactly what your tastes in jewelry are, you can experiment! There is no need to limit yourself to only a handful of pieces! Fashion jewelry is so affordable. Fine jewelry is too often left in a jewelry box for the majority of the year. As it is more expensive, there’s always that fear in the back of your mind that you could lose it, causing many people to reserve their fine jewelry for special occasions. With fashion jewelry, you can mix and match, go big and bold, or try a minimalistic jewelry style, all without reservation! You can try it all, any day you wish! Spruce up your everyday outfits and take your formal

Spice Up Your Life with Masonic Rings

Jewelry has been worn through all generations for a vast number of reasons, from style and accessorizing to making a personal statement.  One of the best statements made with jewelry is in the image, or symbol.  A simple image can go a long way in speaking volumes without having to physically say any words at all.  Symbolic jewelry not only enhances your appearance, but it also expresses your personality and your characteristics.  Symbolic jewelry is the subtle way to express your individuality, personality, life status and interests. This has been done through jewelry for hundreds of years throughout every culture known to mankind.

Masonic Symbols

The masonic symbol is one of the world’s most used symbols.  It has been seen by almost every individual alive, whether they recognize the symbol when they see it or not.  There are well over a dozen different types of masonic symbols, each with its own individual story and background.  From simple images to complex pictures, each stands for a meaning, a lesson, or a part of history.  As with any symbolic item, it needs to reflect the statement that the person wearing it is trying to portray.  Masonic symbols have such a wide range that it is easy to find one that matches your own sense of style and portrays your own message.

Spice Up Your Life with Masonic Rings

Masonic Rings Convey a Sense of Compassion, Caring, and Upstanding Lifestyle

The masonic name has been linked to countless charities and events. The Freemasons are responsible for thousands of parks, playgrounds, and communities worldwide.  There is not a town or community you can visit globally that is not influenced by the Masonic name in some way. If you look carefully and pay attention to your area, you are bound to see a Masonic symbol someplace in your town. This global organization quietly works in the background on the communities and lives of where you live.   The Masonic symbol has been linked globally with charitable actions from individuals who care about their surroundings and their community, those who want to work with others to help make a global difference.

Masonic Rings are Sophisticated

These rings are designed to look stunning on the people who wear them.  Designed with a wide range of symbols and styles, it is very easy to find a Masonic ring that matches your particular taste. As opposed to other branded images, you can wear a subtle design or pick a more known symbol. With so many symbols to choose from, it is easy to select a ring that matches your own individuality.  There are very few organizations globally today that offer such a wide range with so many symbolic options.  Much like the organization that they stand for, Masonic rings are designed to be very prominent, yet are subtle at the same time.  When worn, these rings stand apart from the rest while still looking stunning on your hand. With a very classy symbol, the surrounding stones, whether imitation or original, are well placed to enhance not only the ring, but the hand it is worn on, too.

Masonic Ring is Not Only a Statement, But a Centerpiece

The surrounding gem placement not only enhances the ring itself, but it also brings attention to the characteristic that you are trying to express.  These well designed pieces of jewelry are designed as a showpiece, but they still have daily wear in mind. They match any attire, but still stand alone in a crowd.  Masonic rings, like any ring come in a large variety of styles.  Yet unlike other rings, come with a symbol that stands apart from the rest.  Those that recognize the Masonic symbol will instantly know what you stand for.  The few that are not familiar with their symbols will still easily recognize and admire the quality and design of the ring on your hand.

Masonic rings are more than just jewelry. Their exquisite designs and eye catching symbols make fantastic artwork in the creativity of rings. Their symbolism showcases your individuality and your caringness to society and the world around you. The next time you look for Masonic jewelry to match your own style, look into Masonic rings ( and the uniqueness of their design.

Rising Demand of Online Jewelry Shopping

With so many different cultures in the world, and so many different people with varying personal tastes within those cultures, it can be hard to find a common thread when it comes to fashion. At first glance, it may appear that there isn’t one, beyond “we all wear clothes, most of the time”, however, if you look closely, clothing isn’t the only thing we all have in common. Most people love to decorate themselves, and jewelry is an excellent way to do it. Most cultures agree, and the differences in jewelry helps to illustrate what is beautiful in all of us. Whether you’re into gold chains or leather braids, precious stones or painted beads, the worldwide appeal of jewelry has made the internet an excellent place to shop for it.


Perhaps the most common unifying reason people wear jewelry is because it lets them express something about themselves. Are you feeling like a bright gemstone colours sort of person today? Or perhaps a more muted but equally beautiful rose gold kind of mood? A simple silver band might suit your personality better than something fancier but, of course, you’re not limited to just one set of wearable expressions. You can wear an elegant silver necklace when you’re feeling classy, or a sparkling pendant with your initials when you’re feeling fun and whimsical. Shopping cheap jewelry online opens up the market and helps you find great deals that might not be available at your local shop.

Culture, Interests and Religion

Because your jewelry is an outside representation of who you are on the inside, many people will use it to identify the places where they connect to other people. People who are passionate about their hobby might wear jewelry that reflects it. Someone wearing horse-themed jewelry might attract the attention of other equestrian enthusiasts. Jewelry can help us feel that we belong to a culture as well. Several subcultures, such as the gothic or punk subcultures, have very particularly jewelry to accent their look and help them connect with others. Religion is also the inspiration behind many people’s jewelry choices. Some people enjoy a bold statement piece to let the world know what they believe, while other people like to wear a subtle, personal reminder of their faith to give them peace and comfort during the day. For something so deeply personal, it helps to have the time, privacy and wide variety of options that the internet provides.

Special Occasions

Some jewelry is bought and worn to mark special occasions. Wedding and engagement rings come to mind as a visible way to represent your commitment to someone you love, but there are many other ways that jewelry can mark milestones in your life. Many children receive a special necklace on the day of their baptism or confirmation. Mothers sometimes design birthstone rings to commemorate the birth of a child. Class masonic rings are a popular way to mark educational milestones. There are many options online for commemorating your special days.

Rising Demand of Online Jewelry Shopping

Shopping Online

With so many reasons to wear jewelry, many people feel that nothing but the perfect piece will do. This can be problematic if the jewelry stores at the mall or the department store don’t quite carry the ring, bracelet or pendant that you’re looking for. Or, worse, they have a piece that you absolutely love, but it’s outside your price range! These situations are a major part of the rising demand for online jewelry shopping. When you shop online, you have a huge inventory at your disposal, often with the option to customize gemstones, metals and sizes. Online shopping often gives you access to very reasonable prices, and the ability to easily shop around to see if a cheaper online store carries the same product. The convenience of shopping from your keyboard makes it easy to take all the time you need to look around, change your mind a few times and fine-tune your choice before committing to a purchase.

Take Advantage

The rising demand for online jewelry shopping means that competitive prices and beautiful, high-quality jewelry are available from your computer, with a minimum of fuss. Jewelry stores online are becoming better stocked and prices are becoming more competitive as more and more people take advantage of the convenience of online shopping. Take advantage of that demand next time you want to purchase jewelry!

Religious Jewelry – Why It’s So Popular

Jewelry is a great way to express one’s style and personality. With all of the different styles, colours and designs, there is something for everyone. Jewelry comes in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other various types (nose rings, lip rings, etc.). While it’s common to see big, colourful necklaces and faux-stone rings, another popular style of jewelry is religious-themed.

You can see many people bearing a cross around their neck, or wearing some sort of other jewelry that pays tribute to their culture and beliefs. Perhaps it’s a rosary being worn around someone’s neck, or a bracelet with a religious inscription. The possibilities for religious jewelry are unlimited, and wearing the pieces is just as popular as they’ve ever been. So popular, in fact, that you can purchase religious jewelry just about anywhere—clothing stores, jewelry liquidation stores, and more. Many pieces of jewelry that are worn by religious people were also passed down from generations of believers, such as grandmothers, great grandmothers, and so on. So while the jewelry holds a religious value, it may also hold value on a much deeper level, since it is from a loved one.

Religious Jewelry - Why It’s So PopularSo why is wearing religious jewelry so popular? Jewelry has always been an important way for cultural individuals to express themselves. While the market for jewelry now is large and is worn for many different reasons other than culture, there were many cultures in the past (the deep past, approximately thousands of years ago) that wore jewelry strictly for religious reasons. They felt as though jewelry had symbolic purposes, and was almost spiritual in nature. While jewelry has taken a more modern turn in today’s society, mostly being worn for aesthetic purposes, there are many people who still believe that jewelry holds a religious purpose. However, nowadays, people will wear jewelry that is more noticeably religious-based, such as cross necklaces, rings with inscriptions, or other pieces of jewelry ( with religious symbols on them.

Probably one of the most popular religious symbols worn is the cross. This is mostly worn in the form of a necklace, and is quite popular among the Christian faith. A popular belief is that when Christians look at their cross, they are always reminded of God’s love and spirit, and take comfort in knowing that he is always there with them. Some believe that the cross does not only represent God himself, but also the salvation of the world when he died and was resurrected, ultimately conquering death itself. Another Christian belief is that the cross is also a symbol that wards off evil demons and spirits, and so it is a means of protecting oneself. The crucifix, which is similar to a cross, is worn by those of the Catholic religion. It is used for mostly the same purposes, only it can most commonly be found attached to rosary beads which are used for praying.

There are also some people who wear religious jewelry simple for fashion reasons. They believe that the cross is a great fashion piece, and with all of the stores that are now creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other pieces with the cross embellished on them, it’s becoming more and more popular. There are even many clothing items that now brandish the cross. It can be a bit worrisome for those who actually wear the cross for religious reasons, as the trend is taking away some of that meaning.

Today, not only is the cross a symbol of religion, but also many precious metals and gemstones are now worn to showcase faith. Any piece of jewelry you see someone wearing could have a religious meaning, whether it is apparent or not. The main purpose of these pieces is to unite individuals in their religion while still keeping the piece very personal to each person. Religious jewelry offers individuals an opportunity to share their culture with the world while still being able to flaunt their own sense of unique style and preferences. This is important as we raise youth and teenagers to respect their faith by wearing religious jewelry. It is now easier for them to be able to showcase their culture while still keeping up with the fashion trends.

Picking Out the Right Christian Jewelry

From past many centuries, both men and women have adorned jewelry to indicate class, convey their marital status, ward off evil eye and represent spiritual beliefs. Though, the basic purpose of wearing jewelry could be different for different people, but one thing that remains common is that your jewelry should look good and trendy. With ancient symbols of faith becoming the hot new style in accessories, Christian jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, wearing beautiful cross rings, cross hoop earrings, rosaries, Christian necklaces, and Christian bracelets is considered very cool.

Not only Christian jewelry for women is very trendy, but it is also considered a great gift. Religious jewelry conveys your well wishes in the greatest possible way. In some cultures, it is a tradition for relatives and friends to gift religious trinkets to newborns and invoke god’s blessings. Religious ornaments are also an excellent gift for baptisms, first communions, weddings and house warming.

Not just Christians, but people from all around the world wear their religion’s sacred symbols and icons as a mark of respect for their religion. While Muslims use prayer verses, Jews sport figures from Kabbalah and Qumran, Hindus and Buddhists adorn tiny idols of their religious deity and Egyptians believe Eye of Horus to be their lucky charm and use them in their religious trinkets. However, there has always been a question on wearing Christian jewelry. The thing is that majority of Christian jewelry pieces are decorated with crosses, and in the past times crucifix was used as an instrument of death to prosecute criminals who were given the death penalty. Therefore wearing a cross necklace is considered similar to hanging a guillotine across your neck!  But the ones, who do believe, still wear it as a mark of respect to Christ’s sacrifice and as a symbol of their love and faith.

If you wish to wear Christian jewelry, it is essential that you pick the right kind of pieces that suit you and your body type and do not look weirdly out of place. A proper knowledge of the most common types of Christian jewelry pieces will help you make the right decision:

•  Cross Rings – The latest fashion trend in religious jewelry these days is a double finger ring. It is worn on two fingers together and has a cross pattern carved on it, which covers both the fingers and offers a fascinating look. Cross rings are a great way to keep the Lord’s blessings close at hand.

Cross Rings

•  Christian Necklaces – Rosaries, prayer beads or any other necklace bearing the symbol of a cross and demonstrate the wearer’s religious beliefs.

Christian Necklace

•  Cross Hoop Earrings – Round earrings that circle from front to the backside of the earlobe are called hoop earrings ( and if they are made in a shape of religious cross or have stones studded to make a cross pattern, they are called cross hoop earrings. Avoid wearing these earrings if you have a circular face as they look best on people with slim, long faces and square jaws.

Cross Hoop Earrings

•  Lapel Pins – You can also choose to wear a gold plated lapel pin with a carved cross to fashionably show your support and love for your religion.

•  Christian Bracelets – Christian bracelets have a cross pattern or a bible verse inscribed around them and are available in various materials and designs. You can as easily find a cheap silicone bracelet as you can an expensive gold or diamond one.

Christian Bracelets

You can choose to wear a cross, figurine of your deity, or carving of a religious verse, but you should do it only if you believe in what the jewelry piece represents. Your accessories are a part of who you are and say a lot about the kind of personality you have, therefore carefully choose your religious jewelry and proudly wear your faith on your sleeve!

Chunky Turquoise Necklaces for Stylish Women

Turquoise or the spiritual ‘fallen sky stone’ holds a special place and a lot of significance in many cultures. It is a stunning and versatile stone that is found in various shades of blues and is used in innumerable jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. The soothing bluish green hue of turquoise looks good on almost every skin tone, but somehow it has always been associated with the hippie trend!

Remember Jimmy Hendrix who almost always had a piece of turquoise bling on him whenever he stepped out of the house? Turquoise jewelry reminds us of that bygone era when celebs like Cher and Hendrix sported such pieces and made it a huge fashion trend. However, you cannot just pick and put any chunky piece of ornament and hope to get that retro look. A wrong pair-up might make it look as if you just stepped out of a time machine! Here are some ways on how you can wear your turquoise jewelry and look stunning:

Chunky Turquoise Necklaces for Stylish Women•  Wear with Contrasting Colors

Wear a turquoise neckpiece with rich, bright colors like maroons and oxblood. This will cause the turquoise color of the accessories to generate a popping contrast against the richer tones and hues of the clothes.

•  Wear with Neutral Colors

Try wearing a chunky and abstract design in turquoise to compliment a plain black dress or a white peasant shirt. Statement necklaces can highlight your simple outfit and draw attention to your chic fashion sense.

•  Go for a Casual Look

Try pairing your turquoise jewelry with jeans to create a chic casual look without making it look very dressy. Wearing it with earthy pants, relaxed top and a pair of casual boots could be perfect for a shopping day out with friends.

•  Make it Look Elegant

Turquoise jewelry doesn’t always have to look chunky and hippie style. You can buy pieces that are nicely polished and offer delicate look for a more sophisticated style.

Once you have decided the kind of look you are opting for, you need to know how to wear your chunky turquoise jewelry properly. Here are some steps that will help you achieve the right kind of look desire:

1.  Choose your color: Since turquoise jewelry comes in a variety of shades, deciding on the right shade is essential. While the jewelry in hues of blue is usually the most expensive and is mainly set into gold and platinum, green turquoise ( looks stunning in sterling silver setting or on a leather string.

2.  Decide on a single statement piece: Wear one daring, dramatic and bold piece of turquoise jewelry to make a strong style statement. You can opt for a large turquoise pendant, danglers or a chunky ring to wear with your jeans or a nice casual dress.

3.  Keep it simple: Instead of making a strong statement, you can also opt for a subtle look. A delicate sterling silver ring with a small turquoise stone can work well for everyday look.

4.  Care well for your turquoise jewelry: Turquoise is a fairly soft gemstone and it absorbs oils from skin very easily, which can result in discoloration over time. You should keep wearing your turquoise jewelry regularly otherwise it may dry out if kept stored for a long time. Clean it well with a damp cloth and never use harsh chemicals for cleaning to improve its longevity.

So, go ahead and pick up a turquoise neckpiece or a bracelet and match it to your dress keeping the above tips in mind. However, do remember that even a stunning jewelry piece can ruin the entire look of your ensemble if it does not complement your face. Therefore try on various pieces before choosing the perfect chunky turquoise necklace for yourself!