Travel Jewelry Cases for Salesmen and Boutique Owners

In the jewelry business, the right storage case is as important as the display case. For jewelry salesmen, using the right case for storing and transporting the precious items is paramount. Your travel jewelry case must be sturdy and have enough compartments to hold separate pieces safely.

Jewelry salesmen and boutique owners often travel to industry exhibitions and fairs. They may require different types of travel jewelry cases for these trips.

Different Types of Travel Jewelry Cases

Travel cases for jewelry are available in different sizes and varieties. Here are some types of cases that can be helpful for jewelry salesmen and store owners.

• Attaché case – Metal attaché cases are perfect for commercial tours when you need to carry large amounts of jewelry to outstation locations. Available in both big and small sizes, attaché cases have hooks and storage cases for all types of jewelry items.

• Carrying case – You can buy carrying cases made of solid metal or soft materials. These cases come equipped with features like wheels and handles for ease of use. You can also buy collapsible models.

• Presentation folder – You can buy presentation folders for specific items such as for chains, bracelets, rings, or earrings separately. You can also buy a combination folder. These are ideal for carrying small precious and semiprecious jewelry. You can fit several such folders inside a big attaché case or carrying case.

• Folding box – These are compact travel jewelry cases very convenient for carrying precious or delicate jewelry. You can buy boxes to fit your requirement in terms of size and items to carry – from 20-clip ring, pendant, and earring boxes to 52-clip boxes. These are also perfect for stone jewelry especially rings and earrings.

• Travel showcase – During your work trips, you also require cases to present your jewelry to your clients or exhibition visitors. Single-sided travel cases with transparent covers can be used to store and display jewelry. You can also use several display pads with hooks or snaps. These can be stored in a carrying case during travels and for presenting the jewelry in a nice way. When you use travel showcases, you don’t need to carry extra jewelry trays for displaying your ware.

Investing in Travel Jewelry Cases

For store owners, buying travel jewelry cases is a necessary investment. Without proper way to store and transport jewelry, it can be difficult for salesmen and boutique owners to attend industry events.

Jewelry boutique owners also present their collections in various city events throughout the year. They may also hold their own shows to present their exclusive collections to their clients and visitors. So, investing in different types and sizes of travel cases can make participating and showcasing in industry events and exhibitions easier.

• It is ideal if you buy one or two big cases that you can use to transport all small folders and boxes. Depending on the size of your business, you can by as many as you want. For boutique owners, a few cases in different sizes may be enough during the early years of the business. As your business expands, you might need to invest in more attaché and carrying cases.

• It is best to buy several small travel jewelry cases such as pouches, folding boxes, folders, and organizers. Depending on your business requirement, you can buy small or large capacity pieces. If you deal in gemstones, investing in small boxes for display can be a boon. You can easily carry several in a big case and display the items in those boxes itself. You won’t need to carry additional trays to showcase your gemstone collection.

• Another advantage of investing in several small travel jewelry cases is that it allows you to quickly keep one in your bag or briefcase and present it to a potential client or an associate on their business premises. Small boxes are also ideal for meetings with business associates or regular clients.

• Jewelry storage organizers are perfect for carrying lots of pieces to showcase at events. You can stack pads or jewelry trays inside the organizer for displaying and transporting your collection in one neat case. These are also ideal for exhibitions in the same location as your business establishment. You can load one or more organizers in the car and at the exhibition counter, simply remove the inserts to display your wear quickly.

The right travel jewelry case investment can make a lot of difference to your bottom line.

The Idea Behind a Wish Bracelet

The saying “Friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold, but to have an understanding friend… is worth far more than gold!”.The saying “Friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold, but to have an understanding friend… is worth far more than gold!”.

Wish Bracelets are colorful small signs of friendship which are gifted by one friend to some of the special friends. In some countries, people call them “Friendship Bands”. These are the expressions of care, affection, and loads of love. And their specialty is that they are absolutely hand-made. A wish bracelet made up of knots which expresses the ‘Strength of Friendship’. It expresses that “Our Friendship is not weak, it is knotted tightly, and can’t be broken easily”.

Since their origin, these bracelets are extremely popular among young girls. For them, these are a kind of jewelry.

The Wish Bracelet – A brief history

Wish Bracelets originated from Brazil, where it is said a wise shaman in the Amazon jungle claimed the happiness and well-being of his people was due to the secrets of the Wish Bracelet. They were said to be miraculous and were able to serve the wishes of those who wished with a pure heart.

The idea behind the Wish Bracelets is very simple with a beautiful meaning. As you tie the bracelet on, you are supposed to make a wish – and slowly in future when the cord breaks his/her wish is said to come true.

Let’s take an example. Suppose two girls are studying in the same school and same class. They consider each other best friend. Now, one of them bought a beautiful Bracelet for her best friend. Now, while knotting that bracelet on her friend’s wrist she is supposed to make a wish for the recipient. The bearer of a Wish Bracelet shall receive the wishes so long as the bracelet is worn, comes apart and falls away.

Though this very belief has never been proven scientifically – the emotion is very much clear, and appeals to all age groups.

The other idea revolves around bitterness of the friendship. This idea reveals that how sweet friendship like sugar can be transformed into a bitter kiwi. From the given example, a friend tied a wish bracelet to the other friend with the intentions of expressing their everlasting friendship. Now the other has to wear that bracelet till the time they are best friends. However, if that bracelet is wear out by other friend without falling off naturally, then their friendship will turn bitter.

The Mystical Power of Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets remind you to think positive thoughts which are the beginning, the seed of all action. The awesome power of wish bracelets requires you to creatively think of positive thoughts. These driving forces are known as the seeds of all human actions. Do you want to try its efficacy? Here’s what you are going to do. One, tie a wish bracelet three times and make three wishes, too. Afterwards, rub these magical bracelets three times and distinctly visualize what you earnestly have in mind.

Of course, a bracelet does not have magical abilities to actually make things come true instantly, but when your desire is brought to your special attention you are more likely to try to work towards that desire. The bracelet helps encourage you to realize your true goals.

The Wish Bracelets are such beautiful jewels of intricate workmanship. So simple. So ethereal!!

Wish bracelets lend themselves to diverse occasions. They make incredible wedding, birthday and girl boss party favors for those looking for something unique. Wish Bracelets are available in a large plethora of designs, colors and patterns.

Each color represents a wish like, RED is for LOVE. The magic is even more powerful if received as a gift.

Meaning of some of the most commonly used colors in Wish Bracelets:

• Red Wish Bracelets – Lust, Passion, Health

• Blue Wish Bracelets -Love, Healing

• Green Wish Bracelets – Hope, Healing, Money, Prosperity

• Yellow/Orange Wish Bracelets – Energy, Power, Strength

• Pink Wish Bracelets – Love, Happiness

• Purple Wish Bracelets – Spirituality, Uniqueness

• Gold Wish Bracelets – Fortune, Abundance

• Multicolor Wish Bracelets -Fortune, Resolutions, Letting Go, Unity

• White/Clear Wish Bracelets – Truth, Peace

• Black Wish Bracelets – Tranquility, Peace

Wish bracelets can easily be worn by anyone, age is just a number.

Set Your Goals And Get Motivated Towards Them!!

From a young school going girl to a working woman, at online stores you will find a plethora of beautifully-designed wish bracelets for women who wish to celebrate a milestone, work on their goals, and who want to become more motivated towards their goals. The bracelet constantly reminds you of the wish you made while knotting it on your wrist.

Go ahead… pick the right piece for you or your well-wishers!!

Create a Focal Point in Your Store with Attractive Earring Holders

How to display your classy collection of earrings for the greatest effect is a question all jewelry businesses have, especially if you have a collection of beautiful handmade beaded earrings to display for sale.

Hаving attractive earring display in your store is еѕѕеntiаl. If you wish to ѕеll it аnd mаkе a good рrоfit in your business, уоu need to mаkе уоur рrоduсt look аѕ appealing аѕ роѕѕiblе. Pair of earrings саn look extremely elegant when put оn a diѕрlау unit. Make уоur jewels look mоrе imposing by showcasing them in fаѕhiоnаblу еlеgаnt and classy earring holders.

Why displaying jewelry attracts more customers and gets you more sales? Here are six reasons for it:

1. It is handy for customers to check out the earrings and as a result, they get attracted to them. Well, this exactly is your target.

2. Jewelry ring finger display, jewelry display bust, and earring holders can be easily picked up so customers can have a better look at the designs. Getting the customers to handle the earrings gets you more orders and even new customers.

3. Beautiful earrings display stands attract attention in their own right and of course you want all the attention you can get for displayed stand and the more people you have looking and being in front of your stand the better it is for your sale.

4. It is easier to keep track of the earrings you displayed and have been sold off. This is because you can quickly see vacant holes on the earring tree itself.

5. Portable earring holders are quick and easy to set up, pack and unpack.

6. Unusual and attractive jewelry earring stands bring customers over just to check them out and lets you start getting in a conversation.

To display earrings to the best effect you want earrings display fixtures that do the work for you, especially with displays that your competitors do not have. This is simply done by getting earrings display supplies.

Types of Earring Holders

To address different needs and preferences, there are various types of holders in different materials available for you to choose from:

1. Earring cards – Earring cards are plastic sheets or small cardboard that come with two piercings for the shaft to go well with. Some models also feature subordinate flaps to hold clip-on earrings. Usually curled at the top, they may then be hung from wires or car racks.

2. Earring racks – Earring racks have two or more accustomed bars that are arranged across perpendicular frames. Also known as earring trees, earring racks may be mounted on walls or be used in freestanding models. The number of bars differs from model to model – countertop models usually have two to three while wall and floor racks have up to 10 bars.

3. Mesh earring holders – Made from roughly woven fabric, mesh holders use the space between eaves to hold the earring shaft. Usually hung or pinned over a wall, mesh earring holders are the ones most available with bright & colorful designs with creative shapes.

Some buying tips

To emphasize the viѕuаl elegance оf thе earrings you are selling, уоu ѕhоuld knоw whiсh mаtеriаlѕ gо well with уоur jеwеlrу. Modern earrings designs gо best оn асrуliс unitѕ while gold аnd ѕilvеr pairs, аѕ well аѕ thоѕе with diаmоndѕ, will look grеаt on wооd with a vеlvеt intеriоr.

If you’re planning to get card earring holders, look for designs that keep your earrings visible to make it easy to find smaller earrings. Colorful patterns tend to make earrings blend in, after all. If you can, go for solid, neutral colors like white, black, and grey. If you’re looking for wooden or metal racks, look for those that come with padded holders to prevent your earrings from being scratched.

In a nutshell, your selections must bе аррrорriаtе for the рiесеѕ оf jewelry that уоu likе to ѕеll.

Create a Focal Point in Your Store with Attractive Earring Holders!

A wide variety of earring diѕрlау ѕtаndѕ are available fоr showcasing уоur elegant collection of earrings.

From velvet-lined jewelry boxes that protect your most valued pieces, to fun trays and hanging jewelry stands that make it easier for you to showcase the entire collection to your customers. You will find just all types of earring holders available. Need a countertop earrings organizer that makes the most of a small space? The online retailers sells a wide variety of earrings holders made from different materials to suit your display needs. Lеаthеrеttе, acrylic, wооd, velvet, and a whоlе lot more. You name it, they have it.

Go ahead… Showcase your collection the SMART WAY and attract more customers!!

How To Buy Masonic Jewelry Online

The Freemasons are a society that has done a lot of good in this world over the years. It is a very old group with a long and rich history, and its members have always been proud to belong to it. There are many ways to show pride in your belonging to the Freemasons. Living the life that you have pledged to live is a full time commitment, but it will allow everyone to see that you are part of something greater than yourself. One way that many people choose to remind themselves of their Masonic commitments, and show the world who they are, is to wear Masonic jewelry, and one of the best ways to find Masonic jewelry is to start your search on the Internet.


Before You Shop

The Internet is a big place, so before you start your online search for the perfect piece of Masonic jewelry, it might help to decide exactly what you’re looking for. Did you see someone wearing a ring or a pendant that you particularly admired? Perhaps you could look for something similar in your size and color. If your purchase will be a gift for someone else, maybe learn some things about them, like their birthstone or their favorite type of jewelry. It can also be beneficial to decide on a price range beforehand so you don’t inadvertently overspend.

The Online Marketplace

There are many, many sites on the Internet that sell many types of jewelry. Some are reputable businesses that sell high quality goods, while others might sell cheaper or lower quality items. Some websites will only ship to certain countries, so before you invest your time in searching a website for the perfect ring or pendant, make certain that they are able to ship orders to your home! You should also pay close attention to shipping charges and delivery dates. If you are trying to get something quickly, you may need to spend extra money to expedite delivery.

Styles of Jewelry

When you are shopping for Masonic jewelry online, you will notice that there are many, many options to choose from. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, so take some time to think about what you want from your jewelry. If you are looking for a flashy statement piece, you might want a larger ring or pendant with bright gemstone colors to be worn with formal wear. For everyday wear in the workplace, a simple gold band with a Masonic logo might be a more practical option. If you want to gift someone with a meaningful piece of Masonic jewelry, you might consider simply giving them a card with the promise to do an online shopping trip together so they can select the piece that best suits them.

Saving Money Online

Many different online shopping options can mean a huge price range to choose from, starting at very affordable price tags and moving on up to items that might cost more than your average vehicle. With some careful shopping, you can obtain high quality, attractive jewelry without breaking the bank. Perhaps the best money-saving tool in your arsenal is comparison shopping. If you found the perfect piece of Masonic jewelry on a pricey website, you may be able to find a similar or identical piece on a discount from another site. If one store has very high shipping charges, you can save by looking around for a company whose shipping charges are lower. Many online vendors also provide coupon codes if you look around a bit, so be willing to take the time to do that.

Significance and Beauty

Shopping for the perfect piece of Masonic jewelry can seem like a big task, but it’s also an enjoyable one. You are looking for a beautiful way to communicate to yourself, and to the world, what you stand for and what you believe in. Choose a piece that reflects your true self, one that shows your friends and family that you are proud to be a Freemason. With an attractive Masonic ring or pendant, you can feel an extra measure of pride in letting everyone know what your standards, beliefs, and convictions are. Remember who you are and enjoy your online shopping expedition!

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Religious Jewelry Makes a Wonderful Gift

There is a good reason why people adorn themselves with symbols of things they passionately believe in. A ring or pendant containing some of the ashes of a deceased spouse makes the widow feel close to their former partner. A tattoo of a calming saying may soothe the anxiety of someone prone to worrying.

While many may not want to go the extreme route of body modification or wearing the ashes of loved ones, they still crave a tangible symbol that can bring them comfort, joy or remind them of a higher purpose. This is why religious jewelry makes such a wonderful gift.

Religious Jewelry Makes a Wonderful GiftIn a Psychology Today article, author Clay Routledge, Ph.D. pointed out the many benefits of religion in an increasingly unstable world. He cites health benefits such as hope and optimism, having a feeling of belonging (religious communities often socialize together, which can also be a great relief from loneliness) and a booster of self-esteem because you are more likely to believe in your self-worth and value.

Those that are serious about their faith want to celebrate it, share it, and help others discover it. When you give the gift of religious jewelry, you are:

Affirming your acceptance of the recipient’s beliefs:

Being a Christian, a Muslim or practicing the Jewish faith can be daunting in a world where religious people are often looked upon as extremists. While there are too many sad examples of honor killings, parents refusing conventional medicine for their children, or terrorist attacks, these incidents do not align with the beliefs of the greater religious community. When you gift religious jewelry, you are saying that you accept your friend or family member’s belief system (even if it differs from your own), and you are, therefore, helping them to stay strong and feel accepted if and when their religious group is marginalized.

Giving a gift of hope:

It doesn’t matter if you casually attend church or if you are the pastor of a large denomination – everyone has a crisis of faith at some point. We are all tested in this life. You may lose your child or struggle financially. Your spouse may leave or your home may burn down. Religious or not, the question of “Why me?” is quickly followed by, “But I have been a faithful steward/good person/paid my tithes/helped the poor. Why am I being tested?” Trials and tribulations are a part of life, and even in our darkest moments, we understand that. When the big tests and disappointments come, having a tangible symbol quickly reminds us that others have suffered before us, and will after us. Glancing at the figure of a cross, Lady Guadalupe, the face of Jesus, or the Star of David provides an “anchor” for us to remain strong and face the storm we find ourselves in.

Helping to spread the faith:

Your friend or family member wants to share the joy they find in their religion, but how do you do that short of standing on a soapbox on a street corner shouting your good news? That is certainly not recommended for safety reasons – and for the fact that you will put off the very people you hope to speak to! When you gift religious jewelry and that person wears it, others that want to know more about that religion will know they can speak with that person. It’s a “flag” of sorts that says, “I belong to this group and I’m comfortable enough to display it. Ask me anything!”

Upping their style game – with respect:

Let’s face it. Not all of us are stylists, and even the most intensive Pinterest fashion board can be of little use if you don’t know how to accessorize. If your friend or family member is hopeless in the fashion department but knows a well-groomed, put-together appearance that celebrates who they are inside while being appropriate for the workplace is vital, gift them simple religious or masonic ring, pendant that can go with anything. A white cotton blouse is transformed with a gold cross necklace, just as a man’s slacks and button down shirt get kicked up a notch with a stunning two-tone ring with gemstone insert. You’ll help the friend or family member be stylish while remaining true to themselves.

Religious jewelry has a deep, personal impact. When you gift it as a gift, you making a lasting impact based on something the recipient passionately believes in.

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